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When you dive you hit your head on hard oil and the slick is such beautiful and rich sensual imagination, it runs with blood into a rainbow drain: visit, touch, fall inside Black Quartz – all the rage, the incandescent beauty is waiting here inside…

If you’re like me you’re searching for visions, art, the stuff that ignites all that you’ve never seen before, that, when you experience it changes everything, enhances a new perspective – who you are, the world that is you. For me there are specific images that I’ve seen – there’s a black and white book somewhere in the world that I saw when I was 13 with a friend in a caravan on a farm – it was black and white like a comic but like a thin novel and the character in it was in a swamp, I don’t know how to find it, I’ve looked…. the blue box in a David Lynch film… within what I do, I’m surprised, because the process is fast – think, idea,sculpt – my media is paint but paint made of photographs, and photographs that are sculpture and two dimensions that are four dimensions because its film, it’s the evidence of my imagination in all dimensions – the coagulated dream formation of Black Quartz, connections – it’s fast, it’s always fast, think read, look, drop, send me your images, thoughts, ideas, dreams…. they’re all part of Black Quartz…. the stories are here… Welcome to Black Quartz I’ve been really hoping that you would come…

Black Quartz – Prequel 2: Wire Rink

Mr Bartle - Wire Rink - 16pp A4 Version

‘Wire Rink’

26.01.16 – 07.05.16, Photomontage including all original drawings by Mr Bartle, Original piece: 2m x 3m
Version shown is the 16 page Limited Edition now available to buy: £8 +p&p.
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Before Black Quartz was Bartleworks…


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Mr Bartle – Making Connections

I am a Lincolnshire based artist. I’ve been working with ideas of the interconnectedness of all things for the past 10 years, using photomontage as his medium. The resultant images are a visual cacophony of thoughts, dreams, and real and imagined scenarios uniquely blended in an epic assault on the eyes.

“ I create beautifully damaged high quality art pieces that reflect the the interconnectedness of everything, thoughts, dreams, people, objects, events, the conscious and unconscious mind. During my process the photographic images coalesce to form a landscape portrait of one persons experiences and imagination at the time of creation.

The pieces are then open to interpretation and can be unravelled by the viewer, making their own connections with the images. In this way the pieces take on a life of their own. 

I am currently available for commissioned work. For collaborations, sharing ideas and for information about exhibiting and selling work please contact: