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16.11.14 / 15.54

This piece finished about an hour ago. I got to thinking yesterday about describing my art. I know that for me if I see a piece of work I like to know some more info, something that helps me look a little more inside it. However I hate having descriptions with my work because that’s not how they’re created. I don’t start with the idea, I start with a picture and it builds up from there. As a means to offer more information about the piece i thought maybe sharing how I’ve being feeling, what I’ve being looking at, thinking about might help. I’ll give it a go…

This piece started a while ago and was intended to be a series of monsters. I keep making vague attempts to make more, or what I think is more commercially acceptable work that I might be able to sell so I can get out of doing the 40-50 hour working week. I have good days with it too. So I was going to make this series of monsters but then I wasn’t happy with the first one I was doing and it ended up getting mixed up with some sketches for another piece.

Stress and depression have been pretty influential generally with my work and life, leading to a desire to escape and hide away and create these things as a kind of coping mechanism. I often feel very trapped in my situation. I have to keep doing design, I need a job to earn money and all that shit that I can’t work out how to escape. I don’t want to analyse the piece, I’m pleased with it. I never know when they’re going to end, and as ever I was planning lots more work on it. I was looking at it zoomed right out and .. that was that. Ended.

I’ve being watching a lot of TV this weekend while I’ve being doing it. There’s a great series on BBC4 called “What do Artists do all Day” featuring brilliant guys like Jake and Dinos Chapman, Polly Morgan and Norman Ackroyd. Music recently Andrew Bird, yesterday found an inspiring video of him playing with a spinning horn at a shop in Chicago, Blitzen Trapper, The Chieftans, some cool docs on TV too about Jeff Lynne, David Bowie…

…and its wintry outside, no rides out on The Hammer this weekend, staying in staying warm, last week couple of days ill and bed, allowed my depression to really take hold. The downward spiral.

What’s it about? Whatever you want, it’s not about a single thing. Sam




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