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Started 20.59 07.12.15 // Finished 23.11 10.12.15 – 3m x 3m

I started making notes with individual images a little while ago… but I’m going to make it easier by just having this one document to record things in, it’s important for me and potentially other people to know some of my thoughts while i’m creating these pieces.

So today just opened “Viking” (called that because I’m watching Vikings on Amazon – it was last called “Three Way Sex Triangle Vagina 6.psb” 3 way because I had the brilliant idea of combining 3 different pictures ai was doing into triptych, thoughts of HBosch .. then I wanted it square and am now quirking on the top three squares. Left and middle then last night right with waterfalls and grand canyon… the best thing was the white circle i made that and it was a very satisfying moment pasting it back in and realising that it worked very well. 2 top left and middle were done at the same time and are too zoomed out, everything is too big not enough detail. Its made me realise that working on smaller segments .. in the long run for the bigger picture is more satisfying because otherwise I work zoomed out and then all the elements are too big. i like all the tiny detail.


Watching Vikings.. beautiful naked girl in nature… rocks, beautiful

very happy about black blood, the centre of C…. brilliant black bottles and oil black plastic cans and dental instruments, very good very good. 22.13 – a bloody heart added to the oil orange… very good very good… beautiful landscapes… soul of earth, people… i got a letter about depression classes in january

a peacock, a totem with frog feet… and added black plastic kitchen implements again real satisfaction… like the viking armies… they are poised and ready, hanging in the white… pasted into ‘Ceptional 2’ – looks really cool.  i was thinking dripping black blood but this plastic and tools black version drips below the world, contradiction balance between the complications and the white space. we’ll see how we deal with that.ff

and out of the blue it’s finished. Once again before I could finish it. finished in black it has a great space about it. which is what I always want. ;ike the great masters…. but his name… the great vision of hell..John… he has a plain name… John… Sergeant?… this work is pushed back the perspective is increased by larger items a the top which i was concerned about, the fine detail on the middle and new forward black plastic items and skull. i LOVE it.!!!!!  23.30.

made the middle left bit watching that asylum thing with anthony hopkins, the middle centre with baywatch, the right centre is that image of the fountain that is so brilliant, sea something french … the black plastic,, the oil the oil channel four prices and war., clinical black and red… black and red… maybe that is the nazis.


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