As an artist I have many sources of inspiration, from every day life, people, friends, family, work but also through research and a general interest in all kinds of subjects. I’d like to use this blog to share some of these events, inspirations, things I find along the way and hopefully they’ll be of interest to you and maybe you’ll see how all these things inform my work.

The title of the post today (my first here on my site!) is ‘Furnace’. Where did it come from? Well we were all sitting around having lunch about half an hour ago, at home with my parents and their friends, and mum and her friend Jane were talking about an open fire in the waiting room while they waited to enjoy the North Yorkshire Moors Railway…. Imagining that fire made me think of the word furnace, and very quickly to a range of images that are very personal.

  1. A track by the band Godflesh called Furnace, one of my twin bro’s albums from when we were teenagers
  2. The book Nicobobinus by Terry Jones of Monty Python that we had as children. The link is a picture of a fire breathing dragon I think.
  3. In the book of The Shining by Stephen King there is a furnace in the basement

It’s very interesting how quickly the mind can make these connections and is how I make my artwork. A picture of an abandoned hospital may remind of you of something very different to me for instance, and placing that picture in my artwork while listening to an album may combine to remind me of something entirely different. This is then the next image that I may use in the work.

Once that image is in the piece and it’s out there then the interpretation of that hospital image could be presumed to take on a universal meaning that is quite incorrect if it were based solely on how it came to be put there in the first place…. however to believe that it is incorrect is to deny the power of the viewer to fully understand the image correctly on their own terms.

My images have titles but they usually come at the very end of the picture when it’s finished, not the very beginning before the creation. My work is questions not answers, I don’t want to tell people about the world as facts, rather to share this version of my thoughts.