Mr Bartle Desk 02.11.14

Thought I’d give you a quick snapshot of my work space today. Just working on the website today, get some more artwork done later I think.


1. Diary Pictures

I always have at least one of these diary artworks on the go around the house. This one was started on 16.09.14 while watching an incredible documentary about Don McCullin. I keep these pictures around for making notes, diary stuff, doodles, pictures. Often there’s a lot of cheap and takky stickers involved from £1 shops!You can see some of these from my time in Bristol here: Not sure if I’ll ever sell these they’re so personal. I have a lot more of these so I may take photos of them and post on the site at a later date.

2. Diary Pictures

This lamp used to be my Grandma’s. I really love it and have had it years. The shade’s falling apart. It’s some kind of onyx. Apparently my Grandma didn’t like it! I think it was a present. It has a horse belt around it that I found when I was running around Bristol once. I like it, it’s like a dream horse.

3. Visitor Q – DVD

Have you seen this film? I was watching it last night for the first time. Described as “Outrageously perverse and truly unique, this transgressive experience will leave you shocked and stunned as it railroads taboos like there’s no tomorrow”… my friend Johnny bought it for me the other week after one of our training sessions. I’m about half way through, and I wouldn’t say I was that shocked so far. Sure incest is hard to stomach but for me I’m too aware that this is a film and that his intention is to shock rather than tell a story and I keep thinking of them all as actors…. although I have a feeling it’s going to get more interesting as it goes along.

4. Ipad

Like many people I bought an iPad to…. err… because it looked cool, but I use it all the time. Spotify is on all the time, today I’ve being listening to John Grant, he popped up on a radio station for Leonard Cohen. Today trying out the albums “Queen of Denmark” and “Pale Green Ghosts” – as a whole not that ace, but some catchy sing along songs. “I feel just like Winona Rydeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr”. May switch to something else soon. But what?? … Jonathan Wilson – Fanfare…

5. Art Stuff

My beloved pens – Set of Stabilo Boss Original Highlighters (they last years!) and a set of Stabilo Triplus Fineliners. Also an ageing and well used Pantone Book.

6. My Hat

When I’m working I like to feel quite closed in, so I usually wear a hoody or this hat which I’ve had for a couple of years and travelled around Thailand and went Wwoofing with me etc. I used to have a very nice pair or wireless Sennheisers too to complete the immersion, may be something I buy again, although I found them uncomfortable with glasses unfortunately, and when I’m tired and working in the evening I don’t like wearing contacts. It’s a hard life having to make all these decisions!

7. Swizzels Double Lolly

Left over from Halloween – no trick or treaters so slowly making my way through the sweets – oops!

8. Test Prints

I have a very nice printer – A Canon iX6550 which I’ve been really pleased with. I entered the ‘Snap to Grid” Exhibition at the Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art, (running from December 11, 2014-January 3, 2015). All work in the show is printed at 8.5″ x 11″ so I wanted to see what some of my pieces looked like at that site. One day I’ll print this work at actual size. My entry was “The Cellist” (in Bartleworks) which is really 2 metres square.


Right, hope that gave you a little idea of what’s going on in my space today. Time for another coffee and get on with this website some more! Sam