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Thank you for visiting, I really appreciate you taking the time to have a look at my artwork. My main style is photomontage blending photographs, original drawings, stories and typography to create curious in-depth worlds.

Here you can browse and buy my artwork – as original single editions produced with the finest materials signed and framed with a certificate of authenticity or as museum quality giclee prints. Yours to enjoy and as a valuable investment for your collection of contemporary fine art.

The greatest care is taken to ensure everything you buy is created to the highest standard, shipped with care and designed to give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

I ship worldwide using recognised safe and secure payment methods.

Black Quartz


Section detail from ‘Wire Rink’. Prequel to the Black Quartz Universe. Price available on request.

The name Black Quartz originated from ‘sphinx of black quartz judge my vow’ which is an English pangram, or holoalphabetic sentence, using every letter of the alphabet that I first came across in 2016. I thought it was the most powerful sentence I’d ever read. Loaded with possible meanings, an incantation, a request for judgement by a mythical force.

It suited how I felt about my work and marked a sea-change in how I defined the universe of the creative process that has been my home for my whole life.

I’d like to share this with you and invite you to be part of this never-ending project.

Drawings, Paintings and Collages

I started making collages when I was about 14 inspired by a set of work by my dad’s friend.

I still like to produce these as well as original drawings and writings. It’s rewarding to spend some time away from the computer at times and create something on paper from scractch.

Photomontage Giclee Prints

I use only the finest museum quality processes to produce giclee prints you can enjoy in your own space.

I work with Alex Harrington at Giclee Masters in Wales who, as a member of the  Fine Art Trade Guild, has years of experience producing exceptional quality work for world renowned artists all over the world. You can expect vibrant prints that are made to last.

Journal & News

Find out what inspires me as I work through different pieces, what’s happening in my life

I keep a journal of what I’m doing to help track the progress, including screenshots of work day to day, insights into what I’m researching etc.

Up and Limping

Up and Limping

Website Live I made a decision to make the website live once more. The shop is now up and running and you can buy high quality prints and original works. I'm working on getting the rest of the site sorted.More PostsGiclee PrintsI use only the finest museum quality...

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Work in Progress: BRarkcrark V2

Helloo... just about to start on this piece again, so far its been made while watching Kill Your Darlings, a rather pedestrian scmaltzy attempt at documenting Ginsbergs early life... also alan partridge and "It's Easier" by John Grant. Not sure what's going to happen...

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