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The name Black Quartz originated from ‘sphinx of black quartz judge my vow’ which is an English pangram, or holoalphabetic sentence, using every letter of the alphabet that I first came across in 2016. I thought it was the most powerful sentence I’d ever read. Loaded with possible meanings, an incantation, a request for judgement by a mythical force.

It suited how I felt about my work and marked a sea-change in how I defined the universe of the creative process that has been my home for my whole life.

I’d like to share this with you and invite you to be part of this never-ending project.

Wire Rink

[BQ-00 – prequel]

This is the first piece I created from the Black Quartz series. It uses part of a massive photomontage which forms the base of the Black Quartz universe. I consider this a prequel to stories that will follow in the BQ-Universe.

Over many months work adding to this original section of Black Quartz this piece, on the one hand, plots my thoughts, ideas, connections as I live and make sense and don’t make sense of the world, overloaded as we are with information from many different areas, and on the other is interwoven with a story about a new world built around the idea that people can’t be seen in their physical form, only their minds. The result is a chaotic mix of drawings, text and images woven together in a story-mesh rather than a linear or traditional storyline giving viewers the chance to unravel the information based on their own experiences.

This original piece measure approximately 2 x 3 metres and will be printed to the highest standard once purchased. Options are avaliable for framing to suit the collectors preferences. This will be the only print that will be produced at the original size so this is a chance to own an exclusive one-off original, signed by the artist complete with notes, sketches and Certificate of Authentication.


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I work with Alex Harrington at Giclee Masters in Wales who, as a member of the  Fine Art Trade Guild, has years of experience producing exceptional quality work for world renowned artists all over the world. You can expect vibrant prints that are made to last.


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