I’ve been producing photomontages for a long time, it’s my preferred method of making artwork. It allows me the freedom to join ideas together very quickly to produce work that asks a lot of questions. At present these works are not for sale, but this may change, so watch this space or let me know if you’d be interested in owning a high quality print of any of these pieces



and then there was Black Quartz…

Photomontage Giclee Prints

I use only the finest museum quality processes to produce giclee prints you can enjoy in your own space.

I work with Alex Harrington at Giclee Masters in Wales who, as a member of the  Fine Art Trade Guild, has years of experience producing exceptional quality work for world renowned artists all over the world. You can expect vibrant prints that are made to last.


Buy your own Fine Art, start a collection of your own originals - love it forever, it's all yours


I'd love to hear your story - if you have something you'd like to make into a piece of artwork, if you'd like to collaborate click here, get in touch


Discover your place in the universe of Black Quartz. Your story, my story, everyone's stories - join in and find the keys in this never ending project


If you'd like to help me out and get access to exclusive artwork and updates I'd really appreciate it